Explaining the Story of Razer Portal


Towards the end of 2017, I partnered with Mavis Davis to create a series of explainer videos for Razer™. The videos would be explaining the power of their latest product, Portal, a new wireless gaming router that would revolutionize the gaming industry.



About Razer

Razer™ is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. 

The company has a global footprint with 15 offices worldwide and is recognized as the leading brand for gamers in the US, Europe and China. 

Founded in 2005 and dual-headquartered in San Francisco and Singapore, Razer is backed by institutional investors such as IDG-Accel, Intel Capital and Horizons Ventures.

To learn more, visit www.razer.com.

The Storyboarding Process

With animation projects, you usually will have two types of talent needed. First you’ll need an illustrator to help develop the story visually, then you’ll need an animator to bring the story to life through movement.

For this project, Mavis would be communicating directly with Razer and animating the explainer videos and I would be sketching out and than vectorizing the storyboards used in the animation process.

We began this project focusing on the first explainer video. We did this to help develop an overall style for the videos but also to make sure the client liked the style and how the animation flowed together.

Once we had the script nailed down for the video, we began with sketching out each of the scenes to share with the client and get the initial buy in on our direction.


The sketching process took a couple of attempts but was nailed down and ready to move on to the next phase of the storyboarding process. We then used the sketches as references to build the vector storyboards in Adobe Illustrator. This process tends to be the most time consuming but I was able to work relatively quickly.

One thing that comes in handy with animation storyboards is that there are plenty of opportunities to use the same or similar elements throughout the entire animation. This allowed the creation of some of the boards to go by much quicker. A great example of this would be the house elements and the Razer Portal visual we created.



Once we completed the first video, we were able to move quickly through and finish the remaining 4 videos in the series we created. Since this project Mavis and myself have worked together on another two projects for Razer involving their Keyboards & Headsets. The case studies for those will be available in the near future once everything is live.

Below you’ll find the original animation for the first video in the Razer Portal series we created.