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Portfolium is a social networking platform company that allows college students and recent graduates to connect with businesses and present their previous academic work, projects and more to supplement a traditional resume.

In the fall of 2016, Portfolium came to me looking for help in crafting their brand's story through illustrative means. Since then, we've worked together to evolve their visual style to a more colorful and playful space direction.


Below you'll find a few of the many projects that we worked together on. These are some of my favorite that we created over the last year.



On-boarding Illustrations

On-boarding is probably one of the most important parts of a start-up's product or service. It helps educate their audience to what is is they do, what they offer, or how to use their service. With Portfolium, we knew we wanted to incorporate a space theme to this process.


The story we created for Portfolium's audience was simple. 1) You create your profile with all of your past assignments, achievements and other information. 2) You show prospective employers how you stand above the rest. 3) You sit back and wait for employers to notify you with job offers.


Once we knew we were on the same page it came time to create and vectorize the on-boarding illustrations. Originally we had developed a style for Portfolium's illustrations that used mono-weight strokes and simple pastel colors. This was a style that we used for a while but decided later it needed a refresh.


About six months after we originally created the on-boarding illustrations, we decided to come back to them. We had since created this new flat and colorful style that you see above and decided it would be best to redo the illustrations in this new and updated style.



Homepage Illustrations

Probably one of the biggest projects we worked on together was when Portfolium decided they wanted to update their homepage. It was this project that led to use updating Portfolium's illustration style (like in the on-boarding illustrations). 

With Portfolium, they have three main personas for their audience: Students, Educators and Employers.

The concept we were working towards here was that when you landed on the page, you'd see the three different personas. As you scrolled down, you'd see each of the persona's in their environment.


Overall, the concept was a real success. There were a few problems that we had to account for with the background environments and the characters themselves.



Additional Illustrations

Working with Rocky is a refreshingly frictionless experience. He consistently delivers beautiful finished products, armed with only an idea in my head or a rough sketch on a sticky note. From concept to completion, Rocky provides valuable insight that elevates the quality of the finished product. He’s open and receptive to feedback and works hard to ensure any adjustments blend seamlessly with the artwork. I would highly recommend Rocky to anyone in the market for best in class illustration and design services.
— Chris Guerrero, Portfolium


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