Kong Skull Island


In the spring of 2017, Kong Skull Island hit theaters and was one of my favorite movies to come out that year. The night I saw the movie, I woke up in the middle of the night and sketched out a super rough sketch of a poster design idea (in complete darkness). The next morning I decided to turn the idea into a reality.




Once I decided to create the Kong Skull Island illustration, I began by creating a more detailed sketch of what I was envisioning. I used my Wacom Cintiq to create the sketch in Adobe Photoshop. I began by focusing on one of the hardest parts of the sketch, the part I wanted to capture a good amount of detail, the head. I then sketched out the rest of Kong’s body before creating the environment around him.

Below you’ll find two speed drawing videos that can be found on my YouTube channel. The videos show the process from sketching all the way to the finished poster design.