Halloween Costumes Only Designers Would Know…Part 1


During the fall of 2016, I had the pleasure to form a long lasting partnership with InVisionApp. They came to me initially to create a series of illustrations for a blog post they came up with for Halloween 2016 they called “Halloween Costumes Only Designers Would Know” we would go on to create a second series of these illustrations the following year as well.



Developing Our Ideas

When we began the project, we knew we wanted between 10 to 12 characters total and came up with a large variety of ideas for what the costumes should represent. We started by reaching out to our friends and coworkers to find potential ideas. Some of the ideas came up multiple times and ended making the cut, others were too good and we couldn’t resist not creating them. Our original list grew to over 40 concepts which we eventually narrowed down. You can check out some of the ideas below.

  • Pamplemousse La Croix

  • Vlogger

  • Sexy Slack channel

  • Bad feedback

  • Design sprinters

  • Broken Grid

  • Bad kerning

  • Party parrot?

  • “Make it pop”

  • Comic sans

  • Zombie marketer

  • White space

  • Designer learning to code

  • Unicorn

  • The ghost of calendar-apps-past

  • Logo Pond (just a guy with a nascar jacket full of logos)

  • Human email capture pop up

  • Stakeholder


Sketching & Illustrating the Characters & Costumes

Once we had our list narrowed down to 10 costumes, we began the process of sketching the ideas out and making sure we had a good direction for each. During this point in time, I was actually traveling and so I decided to do the sketches traditionally (using pencil and paper) vs doing it on the computer using my Wacom Cintiq tablet.

Some of the concepts were able to be get the green light during the first round of sketches, while others went through 3-4 rounds before we had everything nailed down.

Once InVisionApp approved the sketches we began working on vectorizing the illustrations. Below you can watch a speed drawing video showing the process of creating one of the characters. We began with doing the line work in Adobe Illustrator, using the Pen/Brush tool and Retro Supply Co. brushes. After doing the line work, I used the Blob brush tool to create the greyscale fills for the illustration. From there we added the shading and then the color to finish off the illustration.



Halloween Costumes Only Tech People Would Know… Part 2


The following year, InVision reached out again for a sequel to the original blog post, but this time with a focus on “People Who Work in the Tech World”. As you can imagine, all of these characters and costumes were a blast to create.

Building Our New List of Ideas

Just like the previous year, we began by reaching out to people we knew (InVision & myself) and started building out our ideas. This time we weren’t limited to the design community but people working with startups and tech companies as well. The list grew steadily and we eventually had close to the same number of ideas as the previous year. We decided that it would be great to create a larger group of illustrations but in the end we decided to stick to 10, below you’ll find our final list of illustrations.

  • Marketing Wizard

  • Rapid Prototype

  • Social Media Czar

  • Mad Data Scientist

  • Office Dog

  • Remote Designer

  • Unplugged

  • IT Super Hero

  • Devil in the Details

  • Angel Investor