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At the beginning of 2018, my friends at Less+More reached out to me with an illustration project that really hit home for me. They were working with a new “Nerd Convention” being put on here in San Diego. I call it a Nerd Convention out of respect because I call myself a nerd and love attending San Diego Comic Con and have dreamed of attending DragonCon in my home state of Georgia.

What they needed was a series of of 12 illustrations that could be used throughout all of the marketing elements for the convention. Eventually these illustrations would be on banners, post cards, business cards, stickers, shot glasses and more. Here is that story.


About InterGalactiCon

Whether you’re an expert-level fan or just getting started, InterGalactiCon(IGC) invites you to “Free Your Fandom” at a con where you can relax, interact, and participate without the stress of larger shows. This new comic convention opens the door to an intimate universe for nerds.

We’re just the right size. Smaller than the Big Cons, where lines can last days and Hollywood runs the agenda, yet bigger than hyper-focused local gatherings, that celebrate only one kind of fandom. We’re a place for all kinds of fans to gather, see the things they want to see, and have some crazy imaginative fun together.

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The Process of Illustrating For A Diverse Group

We knew early on in the creation process that we wanted a simple flat illustration style that would be cohesive with the brand that Less+More had created for IGC.

With all of this in mind, I worked on crafting my sketches to be simple and yet in the execution give them a bit of dimension that would help them pop off the website, banners and other marketing materials that they would be on.

I began working on the sketches for the illustrations and organizing my ideas and thoughts to share with Less+More & IGC. The original lineup of illustrations was as follows:

  • Robot

  • Elf Emoji (Became just an elf)

  • Death Star (Eventually becoming planets)

  • Wizard

  • Space Ship/UFO

  • Larper

  • Film Camera

  • Tank

  • Titan

  • Sword in the Stone

  • Ray Gun

  • Game Controller


We were able to come to a consensus on the sketches pretty quickly and were able to start vectorizing right away. It was at this point that the real work began trying to figure out the amount of detail that we wanted to include in the illustrations.

Some of the illustrations came together pretty quickly while others, more particularly those focusing on human or humanoid characters (such as: Wizard, Elf & Larper) that ended up taking the longest to create.


Just like with most of my other illustration projects, I created all of the illustrations in greyscale before I applied the color. As I’ve stated in other case studies, the reason for this was to focus on the compositions and making sure that we have them the way we want them to be.

Probably the part of the project that ended up taking the longest was working on the color for the illustrations. You can actually watch some of the process on my YouTube channel. We ended up coming back and forth a lot on color because of the limited color palette we had for the IGC brand. One thing that I struggled with was building enough contrast with the illustrations.

The way I was able to work around the limitations was the use of positive/negative space and using color overlays for shadows and areas that shined.


The Conclusion 

The overall reception of the illustrations and InterGalactiCon was very well received. I actually attended the convention myself with my fiancé and our friend and enjoyed what we saw and experienced. I really look forward to the next year’s convention and hope that we can expand the illustration library we’ve already created for them.

The illustrations were even featured in an article about InterGalactiCon on Forbes.