Sweet & Frosty Exploration in Branding


During the summer of 2017 I was exploring around my local area here in San Diego and stumbled upon a local frozen yogurt shop. The shop had been there for well over 10-20 years and hadn’t really updated their branding or marketing since their opening day(Even having the original “Grand Opening” sign in a hallway leading to the restrooms).

As I was enjoying some soft serve fro-yo, an idea sparked in my head and I started doodling out some ideas for what a rebrand could look like for this small shop. This was an idea that persisted until the spring of 2018 when I finally started to put that idea into action and rebranded the shop in what you’ll see below.

One final note, this branding project is still on-going and will be updated in the near future. If you’d like to be notified to when this page is updated, sign up for my mailing list.



Finding the Right Footing

Everything started one day when I just happened to be drawing in my sketchbook and I created a small little character with soft serve frozen yogurt on his head, a cup as his body and carrying a spoon.

Originally I didn’t set out to create branding for this fro-yo shop, but instead was just doodling. Next thing I knew though I was filling a page and then two of sketches for a potential brand; even going so far as practicing lettering in some potential brand names. Ultimately though, these were pages in my sketchbook I didn’t think I would go back to, in fact I just took quick photos of them and posted them to instagram without having a second thought.

Luckily though, I kept being drawn to the sketches and to the idea of creating a brand for a fro-yo shop and over the next few months the concepts and ideas began to manifest itself.

One thing that I wanted to do that was a bit different was changing the name of the shop so that I was creating something new and free of an established brand. I toyed with different names for the brand including: Yo-Yo Fro-Yo, FroYou, Frogurt and more. In the end though I decided to go a simple route and chose to keep it nice and simple, “FroYo”.


Exploring the FroYo Brand

The most daunting part of any branding project is always the fresh slate, or an empty Adobe Illustrator document. Sketching out ideas is always fun but when it comes to actually creating them on the computer, thats where ideas quickly get thrown out or rejected.


More Coming Soon!!!