Creating AdobeLive Sticker Packs


One of my favorite partnerships has been that between me and Adobe, specifically the amazing folks at AdobeLive (their live-streaming branch). In the past I’ve been lucky enough to participate on their live-stream creating illustrations and using the Adobe Mobile apps.

After the third time I was on the live-stream, I sat down with them to discuss a fun project creating sticker designs, each based around their viewer demographic and the software they showcase from week to week.



The Process of Crafting the Characters & Stickers

The AdobeLive team came to me with 6 personas, each focusing on a different demographic of their streaming viewers. Each one of these personas also corresponded with a different piece of Adobe software. We wanted to include:

  • A Graphic Designer & InDesign

  • A UX Designer & XD

  • An Illustrator & Adobe Illustrator

  • A Photographer & Photoshop

  • A Videographer & PremierPro

  • A Motion Graphics Artist & AfterEffects

We started by sketching out each of the personas trying to include things like clothing, accessories and tech that the personas would use. Another thing that we wanted to make sure we included was diversity in the compositions and the people we depicted in the illustrations.

Something that I really wanted to do with these illustrations was make them completely in the Adobe mobile apps, Adobe Photoshop Sketch & Adobe Illustrator Draw. This was one of the first times I used the mobile apps to create a freelance project from start to finish.


AdobeLive Sticker Packs

I’m happy to say that the final illustrations above have been made into sticker packs exclusively available through AdobeLive, to be used as giveaways and promotions and will be announced and shared at Adobe MAX ‘18. I’ve even been told that that illustrations will play a major role in the AdobeLive booth at MAX this year. There will be more information and photos to follow after Adobe MAX (October 15-17 2018).

More to Come!