The Daily Drawing Lessons Course

The Daily Drawing Lessons Course


Free Drawing Webinar!!!

Purchase my Daily Drawing Lessons Course today & you’ll receive free access to my upcoming drawing webinar where you can ask all of your questions about drawing and doodling! —Dates Coming Soon!


Join the Others Using the Daily Drawing Lessons Course to Develop Your Own Set of Drawing Skills Today

This Course includes:
- 60 Page eBook
- 25 Supporting Videos (linked in eBook)
- Links to Software, Books and Supplies
- Learn About Traditional & Digital Drawing
- Learn How to Draw Faces & Bodies
- Learn How to Find & Use Sources of Inspiration
- Learn How to Develop a Routine You Can Stick To
- Warmup Exercises to Help Build Your Drawing Skills

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I’ve always admired people who can draw well, writing it off as a magical, special skill that I wish I had. But Rocky’s course makes you realize that *anyone* can draw so long as they practice consistently. If you’re looking to learn to draw, this is the perfect way to kickstart that. This course is thorough without being overwhelming, and there’s tons of inspiration and examples throughout to keep you from ever feeling stuck.

Kristin Hillery,
Editor of the InVision Blog

This course is great! Rocky does a fantastic job of demystifying the drawing process so you can just get started creating. The videos, tips, and exercises in this book give you the tools to start progressing quickly, no matter your experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start a drawing practice!

Adam Trabold,
Lead Product Designer at Flywheel

I’ve created this course from many many years of drawing, doodling, illustrating and designing. If you feel as though this course wasn’t worth what you paid at any time please feel free to contact me at and I will personally make sure that you are refunded for your purchase.