Let’s Talk About Branding




Every branding project begins with a solid amount of research & discovery to make sure that we make the right decisions for the way that your brand is represented visually.

We first begin by learning what you do exactly for your clients/users and how you do it. We will do this through a current brand audit and a questionnaire that you’ll fill out before we begin. The important thing is to also learn what your unique selling point is over your competitors. We want to learn who your competitors both visually and how they exist in the same or different spaces as your brand does. This will allow us to choose the right path to visually differentiate you from them and set you up for success.

Once we’ve completed with our initial research we will then focus more on the visual direction. We’ll begin by gathering visual examples of different brands that align to what we learned from our discussions with you as well as what we learned from the brand audit/ questionnaire. All of these elements will be organized and shared through mood board(s) that we’ll use as a guide for moving forward.

Its important to know that this step of the process is a very important one. All of the information that we learn during this step of discovery will help inform our design process and the decisions that we make together.

Visual Brand Exploration

Once we have learned everything we can about you, your brand, competitors and more in the Discovery step we then move on to the actual visual exploration for you brand.

We begin this exploration with sketching out initial ideas that we can explore further for your brand’s visual identity. Now this initial sketching phase may be shared independently or it may be shared with the next part of the process where we start to build out the elements in Adobe Illustrator (basically where they really come to life).

We’ll first focus on the main visual hallmarks of your brand (logo, mark, logotypes, etc.). Once we share these with you, as a team, we will go through find the ones that resinate strongly with the information that we gathered in the discovery. We’ll take these ideas (ideally 2-3) and begin to flesh them out further and pairing them with additional elements(such as: typography, color, icons, illustrations, photography, etc.) and including them in real world examples like landing page mockups, billboards, t-shirts, etc. depending on your brand’s needs.

After this, we’ll begin to narrow our focus down from the 2-3 examples down to one solid direction. Sometimes this one direction may need a little more work and fine tuning which is completely normal and ok. The goal is to take this concept and build it out with a solid system of brand elements that may include: Typography system, Color Systems, Illustration Style, Iconography, etc.

Once we’re there and at the finish line the last part of the process is to simply create a brand guidelines that will help you keep your brand’s identity on track. These guidelines will be given to any contractors, employees or vendors to make sure that the brand’s visual identity remains intact and nothing is created or used that doesn’t work with the brand we’ve created together.

When the project is completed you’ll receive a PDF copy of your Brand Guidelines and a link (for you to download) all of the brand files that we created for you (including copies of the research, all logo combinations that you will need, etc.).