Project Overview


The awesome Megan Fox (of Notch Interactive, not the actress) came to me in 2015 with a fun little illustration project for one of Notch’s clients. The project was to create a fun little character and a couple of supporting illustrations for a new photo app they were working with.


Learning & Strategy Phase


The first thing I did was start with the trusty ol’ sketchbook and pencil to create a few rough sketches. I then shared them with Notch and their client and we were able to narrow in on a specific character pretty quick.



Creation Phase


The next step in the process was bringing the sketches to life. Once the base of the character was created, I spent time exploring the facial expressions and style of the little polaroid character. This little exercise helped me narrow in more on a style beyond just this project but future ones that I would work on with similar character traits(especially in my doodling).


Once we had the character pretty much locked in. It was time to put him into context and create the three supporting illustrations that were needed. The overarching ideas were to showcase:

  • All your photos in one place.
  • Secure and automatic backups.
  • Free unlimited storage

Unfortunately the first pass was not on the mark and so I had to go back to the drawing board and rethink the three concepts. The thing though that I’ve come to realize is that when something doesn’t work out the first time, usually when I revisit and rethink the concepts I can knock them out quicker and much better the second time around. 



Launch Phase

I went back and rethought the color scheme a little and add a little more life to the illustrations removing the gray colors completely. I even went so far as to give the character a little bit more pep in his step, so to speak. When it came to the actual photos in the illustrationsI added simplified portraits to them to add a little extra to the mix.

Luckily, this second pass was a hit and both Notch and their client were super happy. I hope that I will be able to do a lot more work with Notch in the future.

Rocky helps us with any custom branding or illustration work that is needed for our projects. Not only is Rocky easy to work with but he is an extremely talented illustrator that bring a fun branding element to our projects.
— Megan Fox, Notch Interactive


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