Project Overview


Facebook is probably one of my favorite clients to work with, especially when it comes to creating illustrated storyboards for animation. This project was my first time collaborating with the fine folks at JAM3 and my third time with The Furrow

Our goal was to develop and tell the story of some cool key features with Facebook's Newsfeed. In particular we were looking at settings that would block specific posts like those more political ones that drive you crazy when they keep popping up in your timeline. The folks at JAM3 worked hard directly with Facebook to develop the overall story behind what Facebook wanted to convey to its audience. It was mine and The Furrow's job to create the illustrations and animations that would help convey Facebook's story.



Learning & Strategy Phase


With this project a lot of the research had been done for us by both Facebook and JAM3 and we ended up learning a lot about the project from the Creative Brief and from our past experiences working with Facebook. We gathered from the brief that we were going to be looking primarily to create illustrations that would represent the types of pictures and/or ads that one might see in their newsfeed.

From there we were able to strategize what exactly we'd be creating and in Seth's case, animating and layout. Once we had a general list of everything that we'd have to create for this project (well over a dozen illustrations, representing people, events, politics and more).



Creation Phase


Each and every project's creation phase starts with sketching. Unless I've worked with a client for a while and have a solid direction of how they thing and their style of illustration, I always sketch out my ideas to validate with them the direction that I'm going.

With this project we ended up create a bunch of sketches (a couple of which you'll find below) that helped in figuring out exactly what types of compositions we wanted to showcase. In all we ended up creating over 50 different compositional sketches. 


Additionally during the sketching phase, Seth and I wanted to be able to share with both Facebook & JAM3 how the illustrations would live within the page itself. He did an amazing job mocking up this page that you'll see on the left.

This lead JAM3 to figure out what compositions we were missing and which ones we had too many of. In the end we figured out there were around 15 illustrations in total that we needed to create.


Once we had everything figured out it was time for the fun part of the project, what I like to call Vectorization. This is where I take the concepts we sketched out and begin to craft them in Adobe Illustrator. Depending on the project, I'll sometimes do this completely in grayscale. For this project I created everything in color, since I had a great understanding of the Facebook color palette from previous projects where I worked with them.



Launch Phase

In the end we created over 30 illustrations in total. Some ended up on the cutting room floor but all in all it was a lot of fun creating them and collaborating with Seth (again) and the amazing folks at JAM3. I really hope to work with them again in the future.



Created for Facebook     |     Produced by Jam3     |     Directed by The Furrow Animations by Seth Eckert      |     Designs by Rocky Roark



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