AMA: Ask Me Anything Episode No.2

AMA - Question No.2

How Did You Decide You Wanted to Draw For A Living?

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been drawing and doodling. My granny’s walls were covered with them — not directly but on paper. In addition to my drawings were my uncle’s. I spent every day of my early childhood form the age of 1 to 7 years old seeing his drawings and hoping that I would one day be as good as he was. 

This early love of drawing and art was fueled by my family but I never really thought that I could make a living with it. I always was told by my teachers that there wasn’t a future in drawing and that I should stop doing it. I even got in trouble often and had all my pens, pencils, and crayons taken from me by one teacher. 

When I got to high school though, that changed a lot. I never took a single art class while I was there, but I did take a graphic communications class 8 times— don’t worry I didn’t fail it and have to retake it 8 times. My teacher, Mr. Jim Collins— who’s since retired— taught me a lot about design, software and reinvigorated a love for drawing and doodling that I was starting to lose because of my other teacher’s badgering. 

It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I made the decision to go to college for design rather than my original option, History. Originally, I was going to go to school for history and hopefully become a professor or historian. The only other thing that trumps my love for history and knowledge is my love to create.

The next four years of college I scraped and clawed at every bit of knowledge I could obtain about design, illustration, business and how best to succeed. Funny thing is, all of that knowledge didn’t come in the classroom but in my home studio.


I decided that I wanted to “draw for a living” when I was in high school and further more while I pushed myself through college obtaining my own higher education in addition to the one I received from my university. Yes, I always had the love of drawing in my veins, but I didn’t know that I could draw and get paid for it. 

Hopefully that satisfies your curiosity’s a bit with my origins. (; 

Always remember everyone to stay passionate, positive and creative!


AMA: Ask Me Anything

Earlier this year, I began posting AMAs across my social media accounts, during speaking events and workshops/webinars. I collected all of the questions that were asked and am now answering those questions both here and on YouTube to share them with all of you.