AMA: Ask Me Anything Episode No.1

AMA - Question No.1

How Do You Cope with the Anxiety of Where Your Next Project is Going to Come From?

For freelancers, specifically those who work full time for themselves, this is an anxiety that can plague us throughout the year when our leads die down or become non-existent.

The freelancers who say they don’t worry during those periods are telling lies to themselves because when your funds start to get low and there are no projects in sight it can get pretty dicey. Usually I find myself in those types of situations 3-4 times a year — if I’m lucky.

The anxiety of where the next project comes from can be very tough. Some of the ways that I try and combat this is by staying positive and funneling those worries into action. It doesn’t help to sit around and worry. I’ll use the extra time I have to be productive and create for myself and my followers. 

Usually I will record or YouTube videos, create small illustrations or series and do a whole heck of a lot of business development to start bringing in those leads again. 

When I say business development, I mean things like networking, reaching out to contacts, creating new contacts, etc. My friend Ben Burns of The Futur & Blind actually created an awesome video on The Futur’s YouTube channel talking about how you can reach out and create new contacts and networking opportunities — you should definitely watch it if you can.

Something that I’ve learned from reading books/articles and watching videos on YouTube is that when you continue to do these things — even when you are slammed with client work — it tends to keep the leads flowing. Its actually a new initiative that I’ve begun doing myself where I continue the content creation and the business development efforts. By doing this I have to worry less and less about “where the next project is coming from” and more about “will I be able to handle this project or that one?”


So to help come to a conclusion here, the answer is simple. The easiest way to cope with those anxieties of where the next project is coming from is to work harder to create your content — your illustrations, designs, blog posts, videos, etc. — and putting it out there to the world. In addition to that you should always be doing business development to help build and grow your business. 

I hope you enjoyed this new blog post series and will check out the video below where I talk more about how to cope with this anxiety but a bit more “off the cuff” and stream of consciousness. 

As always everyone, remember to stay passionate, positive & creative!


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