The Importance of Side Projects

A couple of weeks ago I started this illustration series. Its been a fun exercise that I’ve done late at night or during the day when I’ve had a little free time in between projects. When you put aside time to create things just for fun, you really get to stretch your creative imagination a lot more than just working on client work. That is one thing I have found recently. If I have a little bit of creative block on a project, I will just switch over to a quick little side project like this one here. After I finish the piece I find that my creative block is gone and I can really get back into the groove of things!

I’m not saying that something like this can help everyone or even help every time. Its just something that I find works, at least for now. As creatives we are always pushed and pushed and pushed again to squeeze every little bit of creative juice that is floating up there in our grey matter. Sometimes we need a little something, something that helps to stimulate our creative minds. We need to do something that is fun for us. Its important to refill those boilers of creativity with fuel.

Sorry I know I’m kind of ranting now. Haha

I guess before I end this post I will leave you with this.

There is always going to be a struggle for people like us, whether they are designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, etc. To create on demand for a client or boss. Sometimes we just have to step back create for ourselves. We have to release the creative flood gates on our own side projects or else everything else will dry up like the Sahara.