Project Overview


In the Summer of 2017, David Silva came to me looking for my help with to create the branding for AppRabbit, a new side project of his geared towards teaching people more about App Design.


Learning & Strategy Phase


When David came to me with his project he had a pretty solid idea in mind of what he was looking for. With the name being called "AppRabbit" it was a no brainer that a Rabbit was a good choice for the brand's mark.



Creation Phase


We wanted to craft the visual brand to be both simple and have a little bit of playfulness to it. David had a great idea of trying to infuse a little bit of Disney magic into the brand in the form of Thumper from the movie "Bambi".

When I started working on the sketches, I tried to infuse that idea of "Thumper" into or at least his playful nature. The one element we knew we definitely wanted to infuse was the "floppy" ear.



Exploration & Iteration Phase

Once we knew we were on the right track, I moved everything into Adobe Illustrator to vectorize and iterate on the ideas. The biggest thing that I've learned is that, the first ideas are never the final ideas. 


[Above] You can can see the progression from the first version of the mark, on ward over to one of the final ones. [Below] You can also see a bunch of the other variants that I played around with and shared with David.


Once we had the main mark nailed down, we began playing along with the color. David had actually already created the color palette for AppRabbit while he was creating the brand's website. We ended up both agreeing that the third option [Below] was the best fit for the brand.



Launch Phase

Working with David has been a blast so far helping create AppRabbit's brand. Next we're planning on working on the next phase of our project, helping create their brand's illustration style. [Below] you'll find the brand's guidelines to see what we were able to create together.

Working with Rocky has been a pleasure. He is not only talented but also has a great way of navigating projects through every step. He took the time to understand our goals for AppRabbit and helped find the best approach for our brand.
— David Silva, AppRabbit


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