Stranger Things

Like most of you out there, I fell in love with the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things. Shortly after binge watching the series for the second time, I decided to create a fun little illustration of one of the main characters. 

This fun little side project ended up leading to some really great opportunities including freelance work and being asked to join a Stranger Things Pop-Up show.

It just goes to show you how side projects can lead to some really fun and interesting things.

Check out the process below.


One of my favorite characters in the series was the telepathic, short haired, Eggo waffle loving, Eleven. One night I started doing some doodling which led to me creating a fun little sketch of the character.

I decided to take it one step further and vectorize the sketch to post on dribbble.

After I created it I knew that I couldn't just leave it at that and went back to redo Eleven and create more.


Everything always starts with sketches. At the beginning when I was first working on these characters I started with some of the kids in the show. Then I decided to make an even bigger piece and sketched up a good amount of characters, including:

  • Eleven
  • Mike
  • Will
  • Dustin
  • Lucas
  • Hopper
  • Joyce
  • The Demogorgon


After I finished all of the sketches for the characters I began working on the line work for them. These were actually some of the first illustrations I did in this style and I feel that they really helped me to develop and hone the style overall.

I used Retro Supply Co. vector brushes throughout the whole process of inking these illustrations.

You can hear all about the brushes that I use in both Illustrator & Photoshop and my brush review on my Youtube Channel.


This is just a small speed drawing of when I was working on the line work for the illustration of Sheriff Hooper.