In 2015, the amazing people at Portfolium contacted me and asked me to work with them on a simple homepage illustration. That has now lead to an amazing partnership that is still on going today. Below you'll see just some of the projects that I've worked on with them since we started.

If you'd like to learn more about the amazing folks at Portfolium you can check out their website here.



One of my favorite parts of working with Portfolium is our ever growing partnership and friendship. Since we have been working together I have helped them create and evolve their illustration style.

This set of illustrations were part of the original illustrations that I helped create for Portfolium.

At the time I created these illustrations we were still trying to develop the overall tone and style for their brand. As time progressed the style has changed and grown so much.



In late 2016, we developed a brand new theme for the brand's illustrations. In talking with Chris, we all loved the idea of space and astronauts and so we decided to try it out and see where it would lead us. 

Even to this day I feel that it was probably the best decision that we made. I'm excited to see where the space theme goes over time and how it evolves.



Working with Rocky is a refreshingly frictionless experience. He consistently delivers beautiful finished products, armed with only an idea in my head or a rough sketch on a sticky note. From concept to completion, Rocky provides valuable insight that elevates the quality of the finished product. He’s open and receptive to feedback and works hard to ensure any adjustments blend seamlessly with the artwork. I would highly recommend Rocky to anyone in the market for best in class illustration and design services.
— Chris Guerrero, Portfolium


As the brand has begun to evolve more and more, so has the illustration style. We are starting to incorporate more flat illustrations into the brand, in addition to the stroked style which is really making things interesting.

The flat illustration style is a lot of fun for me to create and I'm excited to keep using it, pushing it and growing it within the Portfolium brand.



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